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University of Fribourg

Avenue de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 300 71 11

Fribourg, a true University town, runs high living standards ideal for studies and research. Therefore, life is organized around the large percentage of students living here.

A heart beats in this charming town
At the Germanic and Latin cultural crossroads, Fribourg is a link between the French and the German parts of Switzerland, the north and the south European continent. The Fribourg University mirrors this peculiarity since about half of the students are of Germanic backgrounds, 30% French and over 7% speak Italian. Over 10'000 students from more than 100 world-wide origins and 215 professors make up the living heart of our University founded in 1889.

Bilingualism looks very good on a curriculum vitae.
Whether they come from Switzerland or abroad, students often pick the Fribourg University because of its bilingual plus as a study option only. Most courses are taught in both languages which lead to a "Bilingual Mention" on the diploma - a paramount advantage in today's world!

The Fribourg University adheres to no-boundary scientific exchanges and offer its pupils a large exchange network thanks to world-wide partnerships as well as cooperating closely with the Neuchâtel and Berne Universities in education and research fields within the BeNeFri operational structure. Grab Europe in Fribourg since the university functions according to the Bologna Declaration's rules and regulations.

Custom-made education
The Ethics and Human Rights Interdisciplinary Institute and the Central-Oriental Faculty Institute are close partners with the Fribourg University thus offering a wide range of studies and interdisciplinary specializations.

Our university handles modern research by means of team work, interdisciplinarity, ethic responsability and dialogue with the Economics and Society worlds. Nearly 200 research groups shape the Fribourg Alma Mater engaged in some 650 projects of empirical reality useful to firms and the population at large.

The Associations Management Institute (VMI), the International Institute of Management in Telecommunication (IIMT), the Research and Advice Institute in Family and the Swiss and International Law Institute in Construction offer a large spectrum of educational possibilities profiled according to each and every one's needs.

The Fribourg University counts up to 5 faculties: Law, Economic and Social Sciences, Arts, Sciences and Theology.

Accomodation for students

Avenue de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 300 71 11

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