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Glacial Boulder

Rue Max-von-Sachsen
1723 Pierrafortscha

There is something of Mont Blanc in the canton of Fribourg! The glacial boulder of Pierrafortscha is made of granite from the Alps.

It was brought here by the Rhône glacier during the last glaciation period. For a long time, people thought little of the rock, and it was used as construction material in around 1920. Its size remains imposing, however: approximately 900 tonnes and 330 m3.

Legend has it that this location was always valued by missionaries: after the druids, a Christian preacher stood on the boulder in order to be heard. His sermons were so enthusiastic that the stone is said to have split during his oration.

It is said that originally, the boulder had three points similar to the forks used by farmers, which is why the region is known as Pierrafortscha - "forked stone" in the Fribourg patois.

Rue Max-von-Sachsen
1723 Pierrafortscha

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