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Escape room in Romont

L'Ichu Escape Game
Route de la Glâne 4
1680 Romont

+41 79 364 35 69

Can you get out of the tower?

Several rooms are available in Romont:

  • The tower of Fribourg (Grand Rue 52 - Romont)

Come and immerse yourself in a period setting in one of the centuries-old towers of Romandy. You will be a group of slaves, simple beggars locked in a tower and forced to serve their masters. However, during a short escapade, they will give you one hour to try to escape. Will you be able to solve the riddles in time to get out? Sign up now to try your luck...

Located on the ramparts of the city of Romont, in the Glâne fribourgeoise, the Tower of Fribourg and its young amateur animators will welcome you for a new game.

  • Mézéchiel le magnifique (Route de la Glâne 4 - Romont)
Mezeciel is a magician who lives in a circus. He is very well-known but has had some setbacks lately. Among other things, his hypnosis tricks don't always go very well... Dear spectators, could you help us fix his mistakes? Or rather, help us find what he has stolen? Please, help us!
  • Le mystère de la pomme perdue (Route de la Glâne 4 - Romont)

What would we do without the apple? Would Adam and Eve have given in? Would Isaac Newton have discovered the law of gravitation? Would William Tell be known? Would Snow White still be asleep? Would Apple be Apple today? So many questions that will have their answer in this new escape.

An original gift? Offer a voucher for the Escape Room Romont!

To order one, nothing could be easier! Contact Ichu Escape Game or go directly to the website to order it.


2 Players 100.- CHF
3 Players 130.- CHF
4 Players 150.- CHF
5 Players 160.- CHF
6 Players 180.- CHF
7 Players 210.- CHF


L’Ichu Escape Game
Route de la Glâne 4
1680 Romont

For more information, click : HERE

Please be aware that the escape game in the Fribourg tower takes place in a medieval tower which has no comfort:
- Bring warm clothes in case of cold weather! (no heating)
- The escape game does not have toilets!

L'Ichu Escape Game
Route de la Glâne 4
1680 Romont

+41 79 364 35 69

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