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Feast of St James

Office du Tourisme de Romont et sa région
Rue du Château 112
1680 Romont

+41 26 651 90 51

+41 26 651 90 55

Every jacquaire year, it means the years when the 25th of July is a Sunday, Romont celebrates St-James!

Romont is an unmissable stop on the Way of St. James and is exactly 2000km from the goal!

Would you like to understand what motivates these hundreds of pilgrims to walk so much? Or are you simply curious? Rendez-vous at the Santiago de Compostela Feast for a moment of convivial sharing!

Most of the pilgrims on their way to the Spanish Cape Finisterre stop in Romont at the end of a long stage from Freiburg. They can be recognised by their bumblebee (the stick) and the shell placed on their bag, hat or clothing. In addition, the medieval town has a St. James' Square: the stopover is practically unavoidable!

Since 2010, a holy year for this European pilgrimage because the saint's feast day coincided with a Sunday, Romont will celebrate Saint-Jacques every 25th of July until 2017. Here is a brief look back at the previous editions:

In 2010, past and present pilgrims were invited to meet the locals and the curious at the Tour à Boyer. Games, tales and an exhibition allowed them to learn more about the Way.

In 2011, a friendly exchange around a glass of wine at the Tower of Fribourg marked this important date: informal discussions about the Way, its spiritual, human and practical aspects.

In 2012, it was Abbot Léon Chatagny who explained the history of Saint James through his representations in the stalls and stained glass windows of the collegiate church.

In 2013, the Feast of Saint James fell on a Thursday and was therefore included in the programme of the Thursdays of the Savage. Dominik Wunderlin, Chief Curator and Deputy Director of the Museum of Cultures in Basel, gave a lecture on pilgrimages, accompanied by pictures.

In 2014 the feast of St. James will be celebrated with the inauguration of the "Santiago à 2000km" sign. Organised in collaboration with the Friends of the Way of St. James, the festival took place on Sunday 27 July. On this day, Micheline and Jean-Bernard Repond presented their pilgrimage as a couple on the Camino and the Via Francigena.

In 2015, the festival joins the painting exhibition on the theme of Santiago de Compostela by Jean-Pierre Demierre, who lives in the Romont region and has been on the Camino many times. The participants had the chance to travel a little way with the artist and then discover his works. Afterwards, a glass of wine allowed everyone to exchange ideas and spend some time in a friendly atmosphere.

For the 2016 edition, the courtyard of the Château de Romont was transformed into a warm moment between a photo exhibition, crafts for children and stories for the whole family.

In 2017, the courtyard of the Castle once again hosted the event, around the theme "The Pilgrim's Bag". Exhibition, crafts, stories and concert followed one another throughout the afternoon.

From 2017, the Saint-Jacques Feast is celebrated in the Jacobean years!

The next Saint James' Day-feast will be celebrated on Sunday 25 July 2021! Discover the summer program!

Office du Tourisme de Romont et sa région
Rue du Château 112
1680 Romont

+41 26 651 90 51

+41 26 651 90 55

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