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Murten was elected one of the 32 best tourism villages in the world by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

The news was released on 20 December 2022. Murten is one of the proud winners of the “Best Tourism Villages 2022” competition, whose prize will be awarded to the managers of Murten Tourism at the end of February 2023 by the World Tourism Organization.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), based in Madrid/Spain, is a United Nations agency that promotes responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism. A total of 32 villages and rural areas received the “Best Tourism Villages 2022” award out of more than 130 entries from 57 countries.

The “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” initiative, launched in 2021, promotes and strengthens the role of tourism in protecting rural areas with their landscapes, natural and cultural diversity, and local values and activities.

The application submitted in the summer of 2022 is once again the result of a successful collaboration between Murten Tourism, the municipality of Murten and all the tourism providers and SMEs in the region. Destinations with less than 15,000 inhabitants were evaluated by a panel of experts on the basis of a series of indicators covering various areas such as economic sustainability, tourism development and value chain integration, governance and the priority given to tourism.

The expert committee was particularly impressed by the good networking and integration of various partners in the Lake Murten region in the fields of agriculture, gastronomy, hotel business and tourism, as well as by the positive influence of tourism activities on the regional economy.

The international distinction of being one of the “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” is a wonderful recognition of the work done in tourism in the destination of Murten. Murten Tourism would like to express its sincere thanks to the City of Murten, its partners and all those who, on a daily basis, are committed to making our destination ever more beautiful and sparkling.

All the information about the competition and the various criteria for the choice of destinations can be found on the “Best Tourism Villages” website. We are proud of this award and look forward to the positive impact this recognition will bring! We look forward to welcoming you too in Murten in 2023!

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