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The tourist region of Fribourg offers you unforgettable experiences... Lake, city or mountains, discover a real land of values!

Fribourg Meeting offers you the possibility to comfortably organize your future seminars or congresses.

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Welcome to the website of Fribourg Region and its tourist regions. Please select on the map the region you wish to discover and browse through its offers. We wish you a lot of fun!

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La Gruyere
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Esprit des lieux

Discovering the sacred sites of Fribourg Region.

Giving meaning to our lives: that is what we certainly all aspire to. The suggestions you will find here are all places that speak to the soul. The language of these sites is varied, so that everyone can find something to suit them.
The region of Fribourg, a land of Christian tradition, has an immense heritage of sacred buildings. Whether they are well-known or modest, these buildings are admirable and deserve admiration. The history of these stones begins a dialogue with the 21st century visitor. Their beauty soothes us and raises us up.
Other places also lift the spirits: places where we simply feel good, where everyday life disappears to give way to inwardness. These natural sites are a supreme luxury, often offering exceptional tranquillity.

In the region of Fribourg there is a wealth of places with striking spiritual value. We were therefore spoilt for choice. Criteria such as quality, tourist interest, space, etc. were considered in making the selection. Our list is by definition incomplete and imperfect. We want to make your mouth water and encourage you to explore... what lies beyond!

-" We do not need religion to live.
- Perhaps not religion. But spirituality, yes."

E.-E. Schmitt. The sumo who could not get fat. P.76

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