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Fondue – a real symbol of La Gruyère

Fondue is a Swiss and Gruyère culinary specialty. This simple and pleasant dish can be shared with family or friends.

Fondue – a symbol of La Gruyère

La Gruyère, the home of many cheeses, is renowned in Switzerland and beyond for its famous Gruyère AOP and its Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, two cheeses that stand out for their history, quality, taste and consistency. Fondue is cheese, mixed in a fondue pot with white wine (but also beer or water to taste). Once the mixture has melted, bread or potatoes are dipped into this delicious Fribourg speciality, which is smooth and creamy as it should be.

The fondue moitié-moitié VS the 100% vacherin

There are two main types of fondues in Gruyère homes and restaurants. The traditional moitié-moitié fondue, a blend of Gruyère AOP and Fribourg Vacherin AOP, is the best known and most famous. Each blend combines the flavours and subtleties of these two local specialities, which are generally selected for several refinements. For the moitié-moitié fondue, white wine is normally used.

The 100% Fribourg Vacherin AOP fondue is well named; only Fribourg Vacherin AOP is used in the preparation of this Swiss fondue. It has the particularity of being served warm, when the moitié-moitié is served hot. For Vacherin fondue, only water is used and not wine.