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Welcome to the website of Fribourg Region and its tourist regions. Please select on the map the region you wish to discover and browse through its offers. We wish you a lot of fun!

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The association

Twelve riverside localities make up this association, among them is the town of Rossens, which is part of the Sarine District.

Also, the association counts the Groupe E, Broc-Morlon-Botterens and Lake "Lac de La Gruyère" development societies as support members.

The aim of the association, clearly, is to create a trail around the lake while maintening the existing sections and building new ones to be able to offer an amazing product to the local population and to the tourists. Everything is made so as to protect the shores of La Gruyère Lake.

The idea was to create a didactic and educational offer that would promote the knowledge of the cultural, geographic and environmental resources.
From a practical point of view, the trail is one meter wide and 44 km long. It is meant to be an easy and accessible path.
The walker is led to stay as close as possible to the lake but it won’t always be the case for safety reasons or for the protection of the environment. Besides, the itinerary joins as much as possible the heart of the villages that you will cross.
Some sections of the trail will contain didactic information that will help people understand more the local inheritage. The itinerary of the lake trail goes through or near interesting historic and archeological sites and most of the time, they are not well-known. A description of the names of the locations you go through should allow you to understand more the evolution of our region throughout the time, with a particular emphasis on the history of the construction of Rossens’ dam and the creation of the lake "Lac de La Gruyère"

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