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New tourist and fun area at the Restoroute de la Gruyère

On 3 April 2023, a new tourist and entertainment area opened at the Restoroute de la Gruyère, designed to entertain the many visitors stopping off in La Gruyère and to invite them to come and discover our beautiful region in more depth.

The Union fribourgeoise du Tourisme, tenant of 2 promotional areas at the Lully and Avry-dt-Pont restoroutes, decided to give up the management of these areas and naturally turned to La Gruyère Tourisme for the Restoroute de la Gruyère. La Gruyère Tourisme was very interested in occupying the site and managing the coordination of the project. Immediately attracted by the motorway access in both directions and by the interest in promoting La Gruyère to itinerant motorists, La Gruyère Tourisme expressed a marked interest in occupying the site and in managing the coordination of the project. Thanks to the active participation and joint financing of all the partners, it was possible to realize this project. Maison Cailler, Château de Gruyères, La Maison du Gruyère, Musée gruérien, Bains de la Gruyère and La Gruyère Tourisme have therefore set up a working group to promote the entire region at the Restoroute de La Gruyère.

This space, which is located directly at the entrance of the building, is intended to be fun and interactive. The modules are presented in the form of a digital game, where you become an adventurer in La Gruyère for a while. To investigate the region’s curiosities, 6 characters represent the partners on a triangular panel containing 2 characters per side. These characters invite visitors to take part in a game via a QR-code, with intriguing and tempting phrases such as: “Meet me in the mountain pasture and help me solve the riddle!” A virtual space is open in two parts, the first of which asks questions where some of the solutions can be found on six bases presenting various objects from the region. The second part is more of a guessing game. It should be noted that the hotels in La Gruyère are also involved in the project as a “La Gruyère Passport” package is offered twice a year to reward the winners who will be drawn at random. Other prizes from various partners will also be awarded.

With the breathtaking view and scenery from the restoroute, the primary idea of this game is to give a more detailed overview of what La Gruyère really is. As many drivers stop at the restoroute, without necessarily visiting the region, the challenge is to arouse the desire to come and discover the many treasures that La Gruyère has to offer, such as the museums, the Bains de la Gruyère, various outdoor activities and many more.

The initiators of this attractive stand wish to extend a warm welcome to all guests, whether local or visiting, and look forward to showing them the many attractions of staying in this undeniably beautiful region.