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Medieval town of Gruyères

Office du tourisme de Gruyères
Rue du Bourg 1
1663 Gruyères

+41 (0)848 42 44 24

Welcome to Gruyères, city of the counts of Gruyère in bygone days; today, a kingdom awaiting discovery that invites guests to stroll and to try out some fine foods. This is an architectural gem that is worth seeing.

The small picturesque town of Gruyères (also known as Greyerz in German) appears to have emerged straight out of the Middle Ages.

The Castle of Gruyères is a must-see! Built in the 13th century, the former residence of the Counts takes you on a journey through eight centuries of art and history, with some superb temporary exhibitions. From its medieval ramparts to the romantic lounges, let yourself be carried away on a journey through time.

When visitors have tired of looking at the panorama of the Alpine foothills from the Castle terrace, they can stroll through the traffic-free streets of the small town. New photo opportunities present themselves at every step. The Museum and Bar of H.R. Giger, who won an Oscar for designing the xenomorphs in the film Alien, offers a completely different kind of cultural experience, as does the Tibet Museum.

Traditional restaurants serve the legendary specialities of the Fribourg Pre-Alps, such as fondues and dishes from the Bénichon menu. The Fondue Academy gives visitors the opportunity to gain an insight into the art of fondue preparation by master cheesemakers. Nutritious indulgence with friends is guaranteed! Chocolate fans can reserve a place in a workshop at the Chocolaterie de Gruyères or learn about the history of this world-renowned confectionery during breakfast.

According to legend, Gruyères was founded in 400 B.C. by the Vandal King Gruerius. He saw a crane (“grue” in French) flying across the crimson evening sky and decided to build his town on that very spot. This is why the coat of arms of Gruyères depicts a crane on a red background. The symbol of the heraldic animal of the former Count of Gruyères has a significant presence throughout the region up to the present day.

Come and explore a little town that's been unaffected by the passage of time, built in a superb setting. Discover Gruyères, the most beautiful village in western Switzerland in 2014 and one of the “Best Tourism Villages” in 2021.

To make sure you won’t miss anything when you visit the town, you can download the little guided visit and the city map of Gruyères.

Guided tours for groups
The various guided tours including the City and the Castle are organized by the Castle of Gruyères. They are available in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish. For  more information and reservations, please contact directly the Castle of Gruyères: 026 921 21 02 or

Office du tourisme de Gruyères
Rue du Bourg 1
1663 Gruyères

+41 (0)848 42 44 24

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